Advertising, Design, Marketing


Who are our clients? The real question is who are our client’s clients? The companies that come to Northshore have to satisfy the demands of their clients. That is what is important to them. We take a position from both sides of the desk. We make our clients look good so they in turn, can look good for theirs. When you are handling the business of some of the nation’s heavyweights, you’d better show them your best work. Northshore’s auction clients are known for conducting auctions and liquidations for an impressive list of Fortune 500 companies.

Black & Decker, Coca Cola, AT&T, GE, Dreyer’s, Delphi Automotive, Chrysler, Midas, Boeing, IBM, Mitsubishi, Lockheed Martin, Callaway Golf, Price Pfister, American Standard, Maytag, Wards, Kmart, RiteAid, Tower Records, Macy’s, Pac-Sun, Ames, NutraSweet, Jo-Anns, Armstrong, Liz Claiborne, OfficeMax & many others.

Advertising. Design. Marketing.

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