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About 14 years ago, Richard Goldstein started Northshore. Richard has over 25 years of online and traditional marketing and advertising experience. Advertising is not his job or career, it’s his passion. He started his agency to specialize in marketing solutions for the auction business. Northshore helps companies in the development of their marketing and advertising strategy and plans, advertising and design, brochure design, mailing list selection, online media and traditional media placement and website support.

Richard got his marketing chops the old fashioned way: he earned them. Through years of experience working with some the nation’s largest auction companies, Richard has helped many companies with his down-to-earth marketing concepts and award winning brochures.

Richard knows that a clearly articulated and widely embraced marketing vision and well thought out strategy usually makes the difference between auctions that succeed and those that fail. Effective marketing raises your bottom line revenues, lowers customer acquisition cost, increases customer loyalty and trust.

His success in the advertising world comes from his understanding of the challenges company’s face. He knows the ins and outs of the auction business. He knows the equipment that he is selling and knows how to find the right buyers.

Richard’s analytical thinking paired with creative ability and know-how gives him the edge when it comes to successful marketing campaigns.

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